4 Reasons Your Business Needs to Shift to a Digital Payments Platform

Payments are an essential part of keeping the wheels of any business, whether big or small. You want to pay your employees on time while at the same time delivering products and services to your customers as soon as they request them. With this in mind, you need to use a payment service that allows you to make both domestic and international payments instantly. 

The advantages that digital payment solutions offer far outweigh more traditional systems. We have seen a shift to these contactless payments even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck simply because of this. Let’s list some of the main reasons you should consider digital payments platforms for your business:

Make digital payments
Enjoy speed, convenience, and a wider reach with a digital payments platform

Enjoy Speed

Whether you are paying invoices or need them paid to your business, you want that to happen as fast as possible to keep your operations running smoothly. AZA Finance’s web payments platform lets you make cross-border payments wherever you are at home or office at the touch of a button. And with the help of internet banking which every progressive bank has, you are looking at completing a payment across borders within 24 hours!

If you are a business looking to disburse multiple instant payments on behalf of your customers sending money home, the recipients in Uganda and Ghana, for instance, will appreciate receiving money instantly on their mobile phones through our robust API

Pay Conveniently

Forget the days of driving through traffic jams to queue at a bank to fill multiple forms and instruct someone to make the payment for you. Save time and money by letting go of cheque transactions. 

When you adopt a last-mile distribution infrastructure that delivers instant mobile money payments in Africa, you allow both sender and receiver to enjoy the convenience of this now commonplace digital payment in many countries on the continent. With the innovation that continues in the mobile money industry today, a recipient rarely has to cash out by walking to an agent. This is because they can pay for a lot of goods and services via their phones, especially in the new “contactless” norm. 

Spend Less, Experience Transparency

In addition to addressing the rampant culture of hidden costs by incumbents in the remittance industry, digital payments platforms are equipped with the latest technology to leave a clear trail on the payment with important metadata such as timestamps and fees, be it one huge transaction or bulk payouts distributed to thousands of recipients. This makes reconciliation easier. 

Secondly, digital payment solutions are built with security in mind, with innovations such as biometric authentication and machine learning. This reduces the likelihood of fraud. At AZA Finance, we’re committed to transparency across all transaction processing for your business. Your dedicated account manager will keep you updated on rates and best channels to trade all depending on your preference.

Reach New Markets

Digital payments globally

While you may be used to traditional payment methods because you have known them for a long time, they may not help when you need to reach people who only have mobile phones and no bank accounts. A digital payments platform like the ones offered by AZA Finance allows you to access multiple payment options, including bank and mobile money accounts.

Don’t get left behind. Be part of the forward-thinking businesses that are adopting the latest tech services to serve their customers best. First-mover advantage is a clear advantage in the expansion game.

Let payments be the last thing you stress over. Focus on growing your business. Shift to a digital payments platform today. More importantly, stay safe!

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