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5 Types of International Payments You Can Make with AZA Finance

In the last decade, digital payments have shifted from being a trend to a necessity. From apps like Venmo and PayPal in the West to mobile money platforms like M-Pesa and Paga in Africa, the need and demand for digital international payments cannot be ignored. 

However, at a business level, companies are yet to capitalize on this change. Despite excessive paperwork, dismal customer service, and long processing times, traditional brick and mortar institutions continue to be the most preferred choice for business-related payments, largely for security reasons.

That doesn’t have to be the case though! A growing number of fintechs across the globe, like AZA Finance, are committed to providing fast, cost-effective, and secure payment platforms, allowing customers to make their business payments, large and small, at ease. Through its web and API platforms, businesses can make any kind of international payment from the comfort of their desk!

  1. Pay suppliers abroad with ease
Make international payments for imports with AZA Finance

Sourcing products from abroad to offer a wider range of products to your customers is undeniably beneficial, but sometimes the hassle of paying suppliers across the globe can be challenging. With AZA Finance’s online payments platform, you can pay suppliers in 14+ countries in their local currency. No need to worry about paperwork or long lines at the bank, the platform is completely digital, allowing you to make your international payments with ease. 

  1. Make inter-company transfers

Need to make payments to a subsidiary or a branch office located in another country? AZA Finance can easily handle that for you. Create an account on our online platform, get verified, and make large international payments in 3 easy steps. 

  1. Source liquidity for customers

One of the biggest challenges of cross-border payments remains the unavailability of foreign currencies, especially in large amounts. Most businesses have to go through multiple suppliers to make one payment, adding to the already tedious process. AZA Finance offers large liquidity in most G20 and major African currencies, ensuring that your international payments can be made in one go.

  1. Payout to customers 
Make international payments to customers across Africa

One of the biggest sources of inflow into Africa and other frontier markets is remittances. Despite a strong need to digitize this sector, the remittance market remains very cash-heavy, making it difficult for both the sender and the receiver, especially in the light of the current pandemic. AZA Finance’s API solution can alleviate all the hassles in this sector. In one easy integration, We offer instant settlements across Africa at the best rates. With multiple payout options, including direct bank transfer, mobile money, and cash, customers can select their preferred payment method and enjoy simplicity all around.

  1. Payout to vendors

Our newest feature now also allows businesses to make instant payments to vendors, freelancers, or other business partners. This feature update offers the same user experience, customer service, and market-friendly rates as the B2C product, with additional functionality! This feature is currently only available in Ghana.

At AZA Finance, we are continually working towards making digital payments more accessible for our customers across the globe. To learn more about how we can support your business’ cross-border needs, reach out to us here.

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