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About AZA Finance

AZA Finance empowers companies from 115+ countries to accelerate their operations in frontier markets through better foreign exchange, treasury services, payments, and last-mile settlement.

Our Story

Founded in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2013, AZA Finance has grown from a currency exchange platform to a global financial services firm expert in frontier markets and currencies.

We make international Payments, FX and Treasury through our web and API platforms easier and better for enterprises doing business in Africa. All directed by our expert team, who bring decades of experience in frontier markets, fintech and financial services to your business.

Growing Frontier Markets

Our mission is to accelerate frontier economies by empowering international businesses.


Our customer stories

AZA Finance empowers companies from 115+ countries to accelerate their operations. Find out why they trust us:

First Ally Asset Management, a subsidiary of First Ally Capital Limited, is a growing Nigerian fund and portfolio manager, working towards providing innovative financial solutions to create opportunities in the Nigerian market.

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First Ally Capital

First Ally Capital

First Ally Capital Increased Volumes By More Than 50%.

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Banking limitations in Africa

Few Banks With Correspondent Status

Correspondent banks discriminate against frontier markets, often requiring multiple intermediaries which results in delays, lost transfers and limited transparency on transaction status.

Lack Of Financial Infrastructure

Excessive use of USD causes frequent shortages and delays when using swift transactions. Transactions can cost up to 7% and take 2-14 days when USD is outsourced.

Local Settlement Systems Have Last-Mile Restraints

Connectivity between banks (even within the same network) and mobile payment channels are very weak in many markets.

Our Services

Running an always-on one-stop-shop platform built on proprietary technology infrastructure, delivering enterprise Payments, FX & Treasury Services


Corporate Treasury for Frontier Markets & Africa

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International and Intra-Africa Foreign Exchange

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Enterprise Payments & Settlement in Africa

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Supported Currencies

AZA Finance facilitates FX, Payments & Treasury services directly between the following currencies:













AZA Finance’s services are built on leading proprietary technology that is available via web and API platforms

AZA Finance Web Platform

No hidden transactions and fees

African Businesses, Fintechs, and Banks:

Monday 9am

Your organisation needs to send $1 million in a G20 currency (EUR, USD) to Dubai for a supplier payment. Your organisation only has African currency in an African bank account. You contact AZA Finance, and we give you a FX price within minutes that is less expensive than traditional desks/banks.

Monday 9:15am

AZA collects and checks all banking compliance ensuring there will be no issues sending money through our banking network. This comes at no additional cost to your organisation.

Monday 9:15am-4pm

AZA effects your payment instantly to a global bank account in G20 currency. You get confirmation in real time of this payment being made.

AZA Finance is the only fintech that offers global same-day settlement, with the best reliability and lowest cost of exchange.

AZA Finance API Solution

FX services at the lowest rates

Remittance Companies and Money Transfer Operators:

Monday 9am

Your business needs to pay out $1 million in a supported African currency today to 1,000 vendors. Your business currently only has Euros in a EU bank account. You contact AZA Finance, and we give you a FX price within minutes.

Monday 9:15am

You need to make payments in the African currency immediately, so your business agrees with
AZA Finance to post-fund, or pay after, your transfer.

Monday 9:15am-4pm

Your business: Throughout the day, your business sends the payment information of the 1,000 vendors – your business can provide this manually or via our API in real-time.

AZA Finance: Throughout the day, AZA Finance makes 1,000 payments to your vendors in the African currency of your choice. Payments are made to mobile and bank accounts and are confirmed in real time.

Monday 5pm

By the end of the day, your business can download a full report of your transactions including payment confirmations.

AZA Finance offers best-in-class FX services at the lowest rates. We are the only Fintech that offers enterprise pre-funding. We have the best reliability, with low-cost services that deliver high customer satisfaction.

Why Choose AZA Finance?

Speak to us if you want to save money and time sending money to frontier markets

Join the fastest-growing African Fintech

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Fast settlement times

Rapid settlement within 48 hours

Custom, competitive rates

Transparent and volume-based pricing

Wholesale provider

50+ currency pairs including intra-African and digital currencies

VIP customer support

24/7 customer service reachable via WhatsApp, email, and phone

All services supported by our global customer service

AZA Finance offers worldwide customer service, tech support, and FX desks as well as having a physical presence in the following countries:









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