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Adopt ‘last mile’ payment platforms for cost efficiency


At our recent roundtable and cocktail event, centered around the theme “Unlocking Cost Efficiency: Strategies for Reducing Payment Costs for Businesses in Africa,” Nana Yaw Owusu Banahene, our country manager, emphasized the importance of reducing payment costs and streamlining the supply of goods to drive growth opportunities and enhance financial performance for businesses.

During the insightful roundtable discussions, it became evident that cost efficiency has become an important factor for businesses to optimize their return on investment, maintain a competitive edge, and strategically allocate resources. 

In light of this, Nana Yaw advised businesses to embrace ‘last mile’ payment platforms to avoid transactions passing through multiple intermediaries, thus reducing unnecessary expenses.

By partnering with AZA Finance, businesses can access secured payment infrastructure compliant with world-class security standards and make fast and cost-effective transactions, significantly reducing costs and enhancing the speed of payments to, from, and within African markets.

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