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Africa’s Debt: Freeze, Forgive, or Forget?

Africa spends more on servicing debt than on healthcare. Few would argue such imbalances demand radical change. However, as of today, there is no consensus on how to resolve Africa’s debt portfolio even in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and the wide ramifications on the economies so Africa is yet at another crossroads.

Tune into our webinar where we delve into some of the most critical aspects of Africa’s debt implementation with AZA’s Co-Founder and CEO, Elizabeth Rossiello, Managing Director of Adventis, Joseph Rohm, Von Kemedi, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Alluvial with a captivating closing statement from former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor and the 14th Emir of Kano, His Highness Muhammad Sanusi II.

AZA Webinar: Africa’s Debt: Freeze, Forgive, or Forget?


  •  How do you balance the need for relief against a history of a moral hazard of debt payment for a number of African states? [07:04]
  • Historically, have African governments been able to report that forgiveness is a green light for state capture corruption? [09:38]
  •  How do we ensure responsibility on debt during cycles in particular for commodity-driven economies in Africa? [12:52]
  • How does the speed of execution of externally funded infrastructure projects on the African continent benefit businesses? [14:34]
  • How do you balance sovereign debt forgiveness and bondholders? [18:13]
  • What are the implications of unconditional debt cancellations in Africa? [22:00]
  • How can African debt be managed to ensure that the inequality gap does not expand, especially during this pandemic? [25:05]
  • How significant are China’s debt commitments on the continent and how is it managing these commitments in comparison to other G20 countries and Washinton institutions? [27:53]
  • Which countries are handling their debt positions excellently? What should we be concerned about and why? [30:40]
  • Is the African debt cycle a blessing or a curse? [34:22]
  • How do you effectively and efficiently hedge financial risk in developing economies with regards to FX and denominated loans and impending results into debt hoarding? [35:28]
  • What is the role of pan-African institutions in the entire debt implementation on the African continent? [40:17]
  • What are the implications of Africa shifting to borrow from China where there is no accountability and democratic principles are not considered? [42:35]
  • How can we ensure that projects funded by debts can benefit people at the local level? [44:45]
  • Can Africa have a debt management office that can actually screen the continent and assist in managing the debt to ensure they are productive debts? [48:07]
  • Are the debt levels in some African countries is reaching unsustainable levels? [50:30]
  • Closing Remarks from His Highness Muhammad Sanusi II [52:47]
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