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AZA Helps First Ally Capital Increase Volumes by More Than 50%


First Ally Asset Management, a subsidiary of First Ally Capital Limited, is a growing Nigerian fund/portfolio manager. The Company is positioned to provide customized financial solutions using a variety of asset classes.

Since their inception in 2014, they have been working towards providing innovative financial solutions to create opportunities and promote growth in the Nigerian market. One of the services they offer is helping their clients source foreign exchange through its sister company (First Ally Investments and Securities Limited) for international investments, in particular, Eurobond transactions.

The biggest challenge that they faced prior to partnering with AZA was the lengthy transaction processing time of up to a week. This delay could affect the exchange rate and the interest rate that they had initially negotiated with their clients, causing them to pull out at the last minute if the rates became less favorable. Hence, they were seeking a company that could close their FX portfolio transactions in a timely manner at competitive rates. 


With AZA, First Ally Asset Management can now process their Eurobond transactions in 24 hours, compared to the previous lead time of 1 week, and are also able to transfer large volumes and confidently meet the demands of their clients. This has led to higher client retention. The AZA team is also very proactive with their service, and have been able to assist First Ally Asset Management at all times, enabling them to service their clients better.


First Ally Asset Management has been able to increase their volumes by more than 50% due to the quick delivery time offered by AZA. 

By reducing their foreign exchange transaction time to 24 hours, AZA has not only helped them retain and better service their clients but also earn referrals, expanding their portfolio.

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