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Our team at AZA Finance comes from diverse backgrounds with experience in engineering, product, finance, compliance, people operations, marketing and more.

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AZA Finance is proud to have a diverse and robust team across Africa, UK, Spain and the USA.

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Our Award-Winning Culture

These are geared towards attracting and sustaining the high-performing and result-oriented environment that keeps all AZAwatus achieving outstanding results.

Hire right

Encourage innovation

We train intentionally

Everyone is treated equally

Measure performance with a feedback culture

Fair policies & open communication at all levels

Promote diversity

Work Hard, Play Hard

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Why you’ll enjoy working at AZA Finance

Joining AZA Finance has been a great experience for me, its strong culture, its diversity, empowering women, the autonomy we have as employees make every day at work a good one.

I love that we get to really celebrate small or big wins and achievements altogether. Joining remotely can be quite a struggle, I was very surprised to receive such a warm welcome and to see how everyone is open to help and available: AZA Finance has a great family feel. Finally, I can directly see how my work can contribute to the global vision and more precisely how our company contributes to lifting the borders to Africa.

Lea Martin

Lea Martin

Partnership Sales Manager, Dakar

AZA Finance has been my family for over 1.5 years now and it is an amazing & fun adventure! I adore our diverse team and I’m proud to be one of the many brilliant female professionals. There is no other place like AZA Finance, where one day you’re sending bank documents to the Ivory Coast and the next you are organising a virtual party for 150 people across 7 locations. I feel empowered and ready for any new challenges – it’s a great team with a graceful approach to everything!

Irina Ravinskaya

Irina Ravinskaya

Senior Business Operations Coordinator, London

Having worked at AZA Finance for less than 1 year, the experience for me has been the best career decision, from my seamless onboarding; welcoming environment, getting to work remotely and ability to collaborate effectively globally has been a dream.

Also appealing is how truly diverse the team is and the amazing work culture which is fast-paced and totally performance-driven; where all successes & achievements are celebrated. The freedom to innovate and implement new ideas is fascinating.

As a product team member, we are able to pivot very quickly in an agile manner with the support of the entire organisation. Above all, I can get to see the direct impact of my work in building products to facilitate seamless cross-border payments in Frontier markets.

Akitobi Akitunde

Akitobi Akitunde

Head of Product - BitPesa & TBFX, Lagos

Being a part of the AZA Finance family, I have a newfound love for different cultures, cuisine, and coffee. I work with some of the best designers I’ve come across and this experience has helped me cultivate a greater desire to create products that bring impact to people’s lives.

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Kagimbi

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Kagimbi

Senior Product Designer, Nairobi

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