Authority Magazine: Sukhi Srivatsan Of AZA Finance On How to Build Lasting Customer Relationships

In an interview with Authority Magazine, Sukhi Srivatsan, Head of Account Management Operations at AZA Finance, shares insights on building lasting customer relationships. Emphasising communication,

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Elizabeth Rossiello argues that Africans need clear, African-specific cryptocurrency regulations more than U.S. crypto ETFs. U.S. bitcoin ETFs have boosted bitcoin prices, driving interest in

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For Euronews, AZA Finance CEO Elizabeth Rossiello argues that Europe’s long-term economic growth hinges on building stronger relationships with rapidly developing “frontier markets” like African

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Authority Magazine: Women Leading The Finance Industry: Fatimah Gana-Mahmoud of AZA Finance On The 5 Things You Should Do To Increase Your Financial Literacy

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Over the past decade, AZA Finance has been instrumental in facilitating direct transactions between Africa and Asia, particularly China, bypassing traditional routes through the US

Huawei Transform Magazine: Show me the money

Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO of AZA Finance, explains how the company facilitates cross-border payments and currency exchanges in Africa, reducing costs and time for international trade.

Fintech Nexus: Powering the FX behind Africa's trillion-dollar growth, with Aza CEO Elizabeth Rossiello
Fintech Nexus: Powering the FX behind Africa’s trillion-dollar growth, with Aza CEO Elizabeth Rossiello

In this interview, Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO and founder of AZA Finance, discusses her journey from working on Wall Street to creating a fintech company that

Advantage Evans: Africa’s Advantage in Crypto + Blockchain with AZA Finance’s Elizabeth Rossiello

The video features Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO of AZA Finance, discussing the company’s mission to increase liquidity in frontier market currencies using both fiat and cryptocurrencies.