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IMF deal for Ghana, China and Cameroon sign deal

Nigerian Naira (₦) Compiled by Ikenga Kalu Over the week, the Nigerian naira appreciated marginally against the U.S. dollar from USD/NGN 766 to USD/NGN 756

Nigeria’s outgoing president commissions new refinery, Kenya and IMF staff agree to $1B in financing

Nigerian Naira (₦) Compiled by Ikenga Kalu The naira depreciated sharply over the previous week from USD/NGN 761 to USD/NGN 768 as FX sellers slowed

Nigeria’s Inflation Concerns Persist, South Africa’s Rand Under Pressure

Nigerian Naira (₦) Compiled by Ikenga Kalu Over the week, the naira depreciated from USD/NGN 748 to USD/NGN 755 as at the latest closing price.

Inflation Pressures Ease In Ghana And Egypt, As Rand Weakens

Nigerian Naira (₦) Compiled by Ikenga Kalu The naira traded at 750 against the U.S. dollar on Wednesday, losing some ground from Friday’s closing price

Kenya Gets World Bank deal, Rand Demand Rises Off U.S. Jobs Data

Nigerian Naira (₦) Compiled by Ikenga Kalu The naira remained relatively stable against the U.S. dollar, oscillating between USD/NGN 741 and USD/NGN 743 over the

Togo lands European Union partnership and Ghana awaits next tranche of World Bank funding

Nigerian Naira (₦) Compiled by Ikenga Kalu Week to date, the Nigerian naira appreciated against the U.S. dollar, climbing from $/NGN 745 to $/NGN 740.

World Bank commits $250 million to Ghana, Tanzanian economy shows gains

Nigerian Naira (₦) The naira depreciated steadily over the past week, falling from $/NGN 731 to $745. The World Bank said the worsening economic situation

IMF’s World Economic Outlook (WEO) April Report Revises Growth Forecasts Across Africa

Nigerian Naira (₦) The Nigerian naira gained from $/NGN 746 to $/NGN 743 over the last week as the cash scarcity continues to affect the

Boosts In Ugandan Shilling And The Ghanaian Cedi

Nigerian Naira (₦) The naira appreciated marginally from $/NGN 746 to $/NGN 745 in the previous week’s trading. However, inflation continues to hurt, with the

Ghana hosts conversations with the U.S. and China

Nigerian Naira (₦) The Naira slid marginally in the week from $/NGN 743 to 746 as severe cash shortages continued to affect cash-based businesses. To

Cedi Climbs As Lower Oil Price Eases Dollar Demand

Return of old Naira notes weakens rate The Naira depreciated against the dollar, sliding to 741 from 731 at last week’s close as FX demand

Naira Notes Reprieve Signals Gradual Depreciation

Naira notes reprieve signals gradual depreciation The Naira appreciated against the dollar, trading at 731 from 735 at last week’s close, as the shortage of