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They trust us. But why?

AZA Finance empowers companies from 115+ countries to accelerate their operations in frontier markets through better foreign exchange, treasury services, payments, and last-mile settlement.

Our Clients
CLIENT: First Ally Capital

First Ally Capital Increased Volumes by More Than 50%

First Ally Asset Management, a subsidiary of First Ally Capital Limited, is a growing Nigerian fund and portfolio manager, working towards providing innovative financial solutions to create opportunities and promote growth in the Nigerian market.

One of the services they offer is helping their clients source foreign exchange for international investments, especially Eurobond transactions.

  • Inability to get constant liquidity
  • Long transaction processing time of 1 week
  • Unfavourable rates

These challenges often caused their clients to pull out at the last minute, hence, they required a company that could process their transactions promptly and more importantly, offer them competitive rates.

  • Process transactions in 24 hours
  • Provide access to large amounts of liquidity
  • Offer competitive rates

They can now confidently meet the demands of their clients due to the quick delivery time and favourable rates offered by AZA Finance.

  • 50% increase in volume of transactions
  • Increased client loyalty
  • New clients

First Ally Capital provided a seamless service experience in a matter of months, resulting in better client retention and referrals, leading to new client acquisition.

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CLIENT: Shop Me Away

Shop Me Away grew their customer base by 30%

Shop Me Away, a Senegal-based eCommerce company was looking for a solution to pay their suppliers in Europe.

  • Lengthy turnaround times of up to 8 days
  • High FX fees
  • Team overwhelmed with having to consistently follow up on their transactions

They found themselves struggling to make their payments on time and incur high costs. This not only hurt the company’s bottom line but meant that they hit a ceiling in terms of expansion.

  • Reduced their FX fees by 50%
  • Completed their payments within 24 hours
  • Dedicated account manager, always within reach for real-time updates

Instead of being drowned in paperwork and spending countless hours to get the best rate, their time was now freed up to focus on growing their business.

The savings from FX fees and other operational costs were put towards increasing their orders and expanding their product line.

In just one year, they were able to increase their customer base by more than 30% and provide them with exemplary service!

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CLIENT: Sinostar Construction

We Helped Sinostar Grow Volume by 50% and Expand to Ghana

Sinostar, a leading Chinese construction company based in Nigeria, was looking for a payment provider who could facilitate foreign currency exchange to pay their suppliers across Europe and the US.

  • High FX rates, averaging 3-4%
  • Inefficient and customer service
  • Delays in resolving urgent matters

  • Competitive rates
  • Quick settlement time of 2 days for $1M & over transactions
  • Daily liquidity
  • Round the clock customer service, including status updates
  • Prompt resolution of issues

By having more daily liquidity, they were able to avoid FX fluctuations when paying foreign suppliers, resulting in cost savings for the company. Furthermore, our quick settlement times lead to a fast turnaround in the delivery of products from suppliers.

  • A 50% increase in transaction volume to more than $1m a day
  • Expansion to Ghana

Because of the FX stability provided by AZA Finance, Sinostar was able to increase its transactional volume, leading to gains for the company. The FX stability provided by AZA Finance also boosted their expansion plans, as they now have a reliable partner to handle all FX risks on their behalf.

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Why Choose AZA Finance?

Digital Market Maker for Frontier Currencies

One of the most significant challenges for enterprises entering or expanding in frontier markets is the lack of financial services that operate across multiple countries and currencies. AZA Finance is the only fintech that offers a full range of treasury, fx, and payments services for pan-African and international enterprises.

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Fast settlement times

Rapid settlement within 48 hours

Custom, competitive rates

Transparent and volume-based pricing

Wholesale provider

50+ currency pairs including intra-African and digital currencies

VIP customer support

24/7 customer service reachable via WhatsApp, email, and phone

Trusted by global companies

AZA Finance empowers companies from 115+ countries to accelerate their operations in frontier markets through better foreign exchange, treasury services, payments, and last-mile settlement.

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