Expanding Horizons: AZA Finance New Payout Corridors

In the rapidly evolving landscape of global finance, AZA Finance continues to push the boundaries with its innovative solutions.

Recently, we announced the continued diversification of our global offering by expanding into new corridors in key strategic frontier markets. Our expansion includes the introduction of new payout corridors across Africa and Brazil, enabling businesses to execute efficient banking and mobile money transfers to multiple countries worldwide. Our focus is on simplifying business transactions and facilitating seamless processes, making it easier for companies to operate across borders.

Here are the specific corridors we have launched:

1. Zambia (ZMW): Bank & Mobile Payout API

With our new payout corridor in Zambia, we are facilitating seamless banking and mobile money transfers. Whether your business needs to transfer funds to a bank account or send money directly to a mobile wallet, our ZMW payout corridor ensures you enjoy fast, secure, and reliable transactions. This milestone is of great importance for businesses in Zambia, as it empowers them to leverage the increasing adoption of mobile money services and offer quality financial solutions to their customers.

2. West Africa (XOF): Mobile Payout API

We have expanded our reach in West Africa, launching a mobile payout corridor covering Togo, Benin, Senegal, Burkina Faso, and Ivory Coast. This corridor taps into the region’s vast potential for mobile money services, allowing businesses to facilitate money transfers conveniently. With our XOF mobile payout, payments within the West African region become faster, more accessible, and more cost-effective, fostering economic growth and financial inclusion.

3. Cameroon (XAF): Mobile Payout API

Our commitment to financial inclusivity extends to Cameroon, where the introduction of the XAF mobile payout corridor opens up opportunities for seamless money transfers. Mobile money services have gained significant traction in Cameroon, and we are leveraging this trend to provide a reliable and efficient way for businesses to move funds within the country.

4. Brazil (BRL): PIX and TED Bank Payout API

Brazil, as one of the largest economies in South America, holds immense potential for international trade and investment. Recognizing this, we now offer a bank payout corridor in Brazil. This corridor not only simplifies the process of sending funds to Brazil but also leverages the power of Brazil’s domestic payment systems, PIX and TED. PIX, Brazil’s instant payment system, has transformed how Brazilians transfer money. With AZA Finance, users can take advantage of the speed and convenience of PIX to transfer funds in real-time. In addition to PIX, our bank payout supports TED (Transferência Eletrônica Disponível), Brazil’s traditional interbank transfer system. TED enables individuals and businesses to transfer larger amounts between different banks within Brazil. Whether you prefer the convenience of instant transfers with PIX or require the flexibility of interbank transfers with TED, we provide a comprehensive solution that caters to the diverse needs of businesses operating in Brazil. 

5. Uganda (UGX): Mobile Payout API

As a company licensed by the Bank of Uganda, we are committed to providing accessible financial services in Uganda, and this is evident in our introduction of the UGX mobile payout. With the widespread use of mobile money services in Uganda, we have partnered with Airtel and MTN to enable seamless transfers within the country. As a result of this partnership, businesses can easily facilitate payments into mobile wallets without any hassle!


Our recent launch of new payout corridors demonstrates our unwavering commitment to driving financial inclusion, streamlining payments and settlements, and empowering businesses worldwide. By expanding our reach into Zambia, Togo, Benin, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Brazil, and Uganda, We are revolutionizing the way we move money, making financial services more accessible and efficient than ever before.

These innovative payout corridors connect businesses and individuals across borders, fostering economic growth and supporting and improving remittances. Whether it’s facilitating banking or mobile money payments, our payout corridors provide reliable, secure, and convenient avenues for global transactions.

As we continue to expand our network of payout corridors, businesses can look forward to an increasingly interconnected world where financial services transcend borders and opportunities for growth abound. Embrace these new corridors and unlock the potential for stronger global connections.

About AZA Finance

AZA Finance is Africa’s leading cross-border payments provider, with over ten years of experience in the industry. We specialize in facilitating transparent, efficient, and secure transactions across 115+ markets through our robust API and intuitive web platform.

Our commitment to transparency extends to our pricing model, ensuring our clients can access competitive rates and deep liquidity. We understand the importance of reliable and secure payment solutions, which is why we are certified by world-class security standards, including PCI-DSS, ISO27001, and SOCII.

AZA Finance is fully regulated and licensed by reputable financial authorities such as the Bank of Uganda, the Bank of Spain, and the UK Financial Conduct Authority. This regulatory oversight ensures we adhere to the highest compliance standards, instilling trust in our services.

We offer various payout options, including direct transfers to bank accounts and mobile money wallets. Our seamless onboarding process and automatic beneficiary screening make transfers effortless and efficient for our clients.

At AZA Finance, we prioritize reliability and customer satisfaction. Our platform boasts an impressive 99.5% uptime, ensuring your business operations are not disrupted. Additionally, our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any inquiries or issues that may arise.

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, AZA Finance provides the tools and expertise to streamline your cross-border payments. Our extensive experience, transparent pricing, robust security measures, and reliable support make it easier than ever for your business to operate globally.

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