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AZA Finance Technology

Efficient and low-cost services delivered via API and web

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AZA’s Proprietary Platform

AZA Finance’s services are built on its leading proprietary technology platform (available via web and API). Always on, and always working.

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Online Web Platform

One-stop platform that leverages AZA Finance’s reach and market-making expertise to deliver competitive FX & Treasury services online. Paired with a dedicated account manager & responsive FX desk (formerly known as BFX).

Access Liquidity

Access to AZA Finance’s balances in regional and international currencies.

Removing the need for USD liquidity and intermediate currency/banking transfer.


Transfers are initiated immediately and completed within a competitive timeline.

Payments are 100% guaranteed, and settlement is in 1-2 days maximum.

Mitigate Risk

AZA Finance’s platform manages currency fluctuations when exchanging between currencies and moves quickly to mitigate risk.

Easy Process

A fully digital onboarding process.

Easy document upload and <24 hour target approval time.

We support multiple currencies

AZA Finance facilitates FX, Payments & Treasury services directly between the following currencies:














Single integration gives SMEs & enterprises access to numerous payment providers and banks across Africa and Europe with 50+ currency pairs. Paired with dedicated tech support, customer service, and AZA Finance’s responsive FX desk. Built for developers, by developers.

Mass & Last-Mile Payout of Funds

Hold a single balance and payout across Africa and Europe.

Make last-mile payouts in regional currencies.

Payout to mobile phones, cash, and bank accounts.

Digital currencies available.

Secure Channels & User Verification

Speedy compliance and stringent anti-money laundering checks.

Create user or sender profiles and verify identities.

Collect their KYC documentation using our infrastructure.

Up-to-date transaction updates & smart cancellations.

Detailed monthly reports & reconciliations.

Collect Payments & Settle Directly

Receive payments in international and African currencies.

Support for debit card, and bank transfers.

Support for mobile money.

Easy Setup & Operation

Integrate with our API within a day with our easy to use SDKs and documentation.

Guaranteed reliability through owned infrastructure, delivering 97.5% uptime.

Dedicated tech support.

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