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How Be Forward Sends Multiple Payments from Japan to Uganda in Minutes

Be Forward is a Japanese company that exports used cars from Japan to Africa. It is one of the biggest e-commerce sites for affordable vehicles in East Africa.

The Challenge

Before AZA, Be Forward used different services to send payments from Japan to agents in Africa. Bank charges were very high for international transfers, and they were even worse when Be Forward had to make smaller transfers. In addition, it took a long time for payment to reflect and then get to the recipients.

When Be Forward used other transfer services to make payments to their clients in many countries, there were two main pain points:

  • Be Forward could not make bulk payments and had to go through the time-consuming process of making payments one by one.
  • Payments did not reflect in the client’s account directly, so some would have to be cancelled if the clients did not collect cash at agent locations.

The BFX Solution

AZA now provides the company with a Bulk Pay solution that converts Japanese Yen directly to Ugandan Shillings into multiple mobile money accounts. Be Forward has found this to be easier for them and convenient for the recipients who now receive funds directly into their mobile money wallets wherever they are.

“The good thing about using BFX is that the fee is much lower compared with other services. They offer bulk payment which requires only a few steps to follow, and it takes minutes to send money from our account to our customers’ accounts.”

Today, Be Forward’s clients are happy to receive funds quickly and the company is impressed with the speed and ease of making the bulk payments.

Serving More Countries

The team looks forward to AZA’s expansion across the globe so that they can enjoy the quick and low-cost payments in other countries to which they send payments. Be Forward also runs a referral program that rewards clients in bitcoin wherever they are in the world. These clients can then cash out to local currency with BFX.

AZA is committed to listening to its customers and growing together to help more and more companies do business in Africa easily. Visit to learn how you can send payments too.

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