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How Savanna Sunrise Pays Travel Partners Like Expedia and

Savanna Sunrise Group, Africa’s leading online Travel and Hospitality aggregator, uses the BFX platform to facilitate payments to major hotel booking channels across the African continent. The company works with over 350 hotels in 14 countries to automate online hotel bookings between international travelers and African hotels.

Savanna Sunrise previously struggled with distributing payments to these booking channels. The company has tested every major international payment option for Africa. Their worst experience happened when they attempted a cross-border mobile money transfer. In this case, funds were debited from their mobile money wallet, but the client never received the payment. Savanna Sunrise then had to call for three days to request a reversal from the East African mobile money provider.

Today, when the company needs to send a payment to Expedia and, Savanna Sunrise relies on BFX to facilitate these transactions.

Purity Karanja, Finance Manager, explains how Savanna Sunrise benefits from BFX’s payment services.

“BFX is an expert when it comes to payment efficiency and their customer care team is incredibly professional. They got us set up quickly because we needed to send payments to our international clients, same-day.”

She adds, “Since we started sending global payments through BFX, our payment processing time has been reduced by 90%. Savanna Sunrise clients now receive funds in under an hour!”

Purity also points out the cost-savings realized. “BFX has low transfer fees. It is quite economical for us in terms of transfer charges compared to other payment services.”

“It is good to know this new technology is available. We would definitely recommend BFX to other organizations. It has greatly improved our relationship with clients and they are happy with receiving funds instantly.”

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