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Our Strength: Diversity And Inclusion

As a company with over 200 employees from over 24 countries across Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America, we recognize that our strength lies in our diversity and inclusivity. We believe that by embracing differences and fostering an environment of respect and inclusivity, we can create a workplace where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.

Read on to learn how diversity and inclusion have been our strength for almost ten years and how it has helped us achieve our business goals.

Diversity at AZA Finance

We believe that diversity is not just about visible differences, such as race, ethnicity, gender, or age, but also about the unique perspectives and experiences each individual brings. Being a workforce which boosts currently of about 50% female and 50% male, we strive to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of background or identity. We believe that a diverse workforce helps us better understand our customers and their needs, allowing us to innovate and solve complex problems creatively.


Inclusion at AZA Finance

Inclusion is about creating a sense of belonging where everyone feels they can contribute and be heard. We understand that diversity alone is not enough and are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. We encourage open communication and respect for differing opinions and provide opportunities for all employees to participate and contribute to the company’s success. We believe that an inclusive workplace not only benefits our employees but also enhances our business performance.


How have diversity and inclusion helped us achieve our business goals?

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion has brought numerous benefits to our organization, such as:

  • It helps us attract and retain top talent from diverse backgrounds, enabling us to build a team that reflects our customers and the communities we serve.
  • It fosters creativity and innovation, as our diverse workforce brings a range of unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas to the table.
  • It helps us better understand our customers’ needs, which enables us to provide more personalized and relevant services.

In conclusion, at AZA Finance, diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our success. We are committed to fostering a workplace culture that values and respects differences, where everyone feels included and valued.

By embracing diversity and inclusivity, we can better understand our customers, innovate and find creative solutions, and build a stronger, more resilient organization that benefits everyone.

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