4 ways AZA Finance helps you pay for your imports with ease
4 ways AZA Finance helps you pay for your imports with ease

4 Ways AZA Finance Helps You Pay For Your Imports With Ease

Whether you are a seasoned importer or a first-timer who is just starting off their imports business, having a reliable cross-border payments partner is key to the success of your business. Due to the complicated nature of international trade, what may seem like a simple payment can end up costing you the entire day (or more).

There are a lot of complexities involved, from numerous documents to hidden charges to exhaustive wait times; the process is not as straightforward as it looks! However, having the right payment partner by your side can alleviate all these challenges and end up saving you valuable time and money.

Pay for import with ease

Here are four ways in which AZA Finance can remove the pain from paying for your imports:

1. Skip long queues at financial institutions

Since our platform is 100% digital, you will never have to experience the pain of standing in a queue. Get a rate, submit your documents, get approved and administer your payments from the comfort of your office! Your dedicated account manager will be easily reachable via phone or email and we also have a live chat option on our platform, so you can submit your payment request in minutes!

We are fully licensed by the UK’s FCA, the Bank of Spain as well as regional African banks, allowing you to experience the same reliability as a bank and larger financial institutions but with much more convenience.

2. Never wonder about the status of your imports’ payments

Receive regular updates on the progress of your payment

One of the biggest challenges most importers face is having to chase their payment provider on regular updates. We understand that time is key to ensuring you receive shipments on time, hence your dedicated account manager provides regular payment updates until it has successfully been received. 

You can also access your transaction history as well as status updates directly on our platform, saving you time and providing extra flexibility so you can focus on making your customers happy!

3. No physical paperwork needed 

Save time (and the environment) by avoiding unnecessary paperwork. With our web platform, you don’t need to print and physically submit or collect any documents. You can simply upload your AML documents on our platform and we will share the proof of payment with you via email as well.

This not only saves you time but also the hassle of dealing with stacks of files and paperwork that can easily be lost or misplaced. You can access and download all your documents, including your transaction confirmations in a few clicks!

4. No need for an intermediary currency!

Pay for your imports directly in the local currency

Gone are the days when you’d have to convert your payment to USD before converting it again to your recipient’s currency. With our proprietary platform, you can make payments directly in the recipient’s currency straight to their bank account.

With this, you will save a significant amount in conversion fees which can be reinvested into your business. We also charge no hidden fees, giving you extra savings!

We know that operating your import business is not an easy feat, hence our platform is specifically designed to simplify your supplier payments and eliminate all the hassle of delayed payments and never-ending paperwork.

For more information about how we can help you pay your suppliers with ease, reach out to us.


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