Company Culture

Olamide Okewuyi’s Invaluable Contribution To Fostering Global Relationships At 
AZA Finance

Meet Olamide Okewuyi, the Head of the Channel Management team at AZA Finance, who has been an integral part of the company for the past two years. Olamide’s role involves nurturing and strengthening relationships with partners globally...
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Gender. Fintech. Africa / The Gender Gaps In African Fintech

In 2013, I founded a company with two other women in Nairobi,

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Company Culture
Our Strength: Diversity And Inclusion

As a company with over 200 employees from over 24 countries across

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Company Culture
Culture At AZA Finance

Culture is an essential aspect of any organization. It defines the values,

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Customer Success
Keheala Saves Money with BFX

Keheala delivers disease management tools and behavior-modifying messages across a digital platform

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