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[Webinar] Supply Lines in the COVID Era: Opportunity in Disruption

From agricultural products to salt and cement, the disruption to global supply chains has threatened food security and livelihoods across Africa. However, at the same time, it has also created new opportunities.

What are the issues associated with inbound opportunities into Africa, as well as outbound from the continent, around payments, borders, and regulation?

Tune in for a captivating conversation with our esteemed panel of experts on the issues facing supply chains particularly in the agriculture and food supply industries and how we can get financial infrastructure to smallholder farmers and others in this value chain.

Ibrahim Sagna, Global Head, Advisory and Capital Markets, African Export-Import Bank
Lois Sankey, Program Lead, Agriculture, at the Mastercard Foundation
Dimieari Von Kemedi, Founder and Managing Director of Alluvial Agriculture
Sukhi Srivastan, Head of UK Sales, AZA
Boason Omofaye, Senior Consultant at New Markets Media & Intelligence (Moderator)

Webinar Recording: Supply Lines in the COVID Era


What are some of the external issues facing small holder farmers in countries like Nigeria?
How do companies like Alluvial navigate these logistical issues? [05:00]
How are companies like Mastercard supporting food and agricultural entities across Africa? [13:14]
How does this funding work in practical terms? [15:48]
How are banks like Afrexim supporting these sectors and what can individuals do to support local agriculture and food supply companies? [20:50]
How can we get financial infrastructure to small holder farmers and others within the agricultural value chain and supply chain in Africa? [31:52]
What is the impact of innovative financial services outside the traditional banking system? [38:33]
How does the regulatory environment impact companies’ operations? [40:07]
How can we address the problem of food wastage in Africa? [50:53]
What do long-term sustainable solutions look like? How can companies innovate products around consumer needs? [58:28]

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