Africa’s worst currency at precipice; Naira risk rises amid #EndSARS

Africa’s worst performing currency at a precipice African nations have continuously taken more and more debt from China for infrastructure development. The day of reckoning is approaching for Zambia, which is set either to default on its international borrowings on Nov. 13 or agree to a restructuring of commitments in tandem with an IMF program. […]

Rand poised for Ramaphosa recovery plan; Tanzania Shilling stable before election

Dollar hoarders test CBN mettle The Naira lost ground from last week’s gains, sliding to 461 to the dollar in the unofficial market from 457 a week ago. Lower oil export revenue and the economic impact from the pandemic will cause external reserves to sink to between $29.9b and $34.3b, from $35.7b in September, the CBN […]

Stimulus wind down is Q4 booster for Africa FX; Rand indicators point positive

Stimulus wind down is Q4 booster for Africa FX Stimulus measures taken up by most central banks in Africa in the initial phases of the pandemic are on hold with economies reopening. Ghana kept its policy rate steady this week at 14.5%, following freezes in South Africa’s policy rate at 3.5% and Kenya’s at 7%. […]

Mali’s hidden risk in currency clampdown; Lowest Kenyan Shilling has further to fall

Hidden danger in Mali coup from currency clampdown Beyond the fallout from political turmoil in Mali, a clampdown on transactions in the West African CFA Franc risks adding to the COVID-era economic disarray. Within hours of the military seizing power, the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) announced protective restrictions on the flows of […]

‘Risk-off’ wave weakens Rand; Rising imports weaken Kenyan Shilling

‘Risk-off’ wave weakens Rand The Rand came under pressure this week amid a wave of ‘risk-off’ sentiment, with global coronavirus cases continuing to rise and tensions between the US and China increasing as Trump banned TikTok and WeChat. South Africa’s manufacturing output fell 16.3% year on year in June, after shrinking by 32.4% in May. […]

Naira activity subdued post-Eid; Importer obligations weigh on Kenyan shilling

Naira activity subdued post-Eid With minimal activity after the two-day Eid holiday, the Naira appreciated slightly to 473 per dollar in the parallel market at the beginning of the week before slipping back to 474. A shortage of dollars persists given recent weeks of lower revenue from oil, Nigeria’s biggest foreign exchange earner. Demand has […]