Coronavirus vs. Globalisation

For years, we had gotten used to living in a world without any barriers. And suddenly, people across the globe were deprived of this freedom in the span of a few weeks. So is the scenario in which coronavirus will stop globalisation plausible? Globalisation and workforce Not so long ago, traveling from one continent to […]

Which markets will be the most affected by coronavirus?

Coronavirus has turned the whole world upside down. Today we can safely say that most of the global economies have already been affected by the outbreak of the pandemic and the remaining ones are likely to suffer negative consequences of the global economic slowdown in the near future. Although it’s too early to count losses, […]

COVID-19 and its Impact on Financial Markets

Economists around the world have labelled the on-going pandemic a true black swan event. A situation seems highly improbable, yet it happens. Events are extremely surprising and lead to serious aftermath. The past few months have proven to be exactly that. Why does the coronavirus have an impact on financial markets? The global economy is […]