Bilateral Trade Between the United States and Senegal

U.S.-Senegalese bilateral trade Over the last ten years, we’ve seen a steady increase in U.S.-Senegalese bilateral trade with Senegal, currently listed as the United States 118th largest goods export market. According to the United States International Trade Administration, for the past years, the United States has had a trade surplus of over $300 million in […]

6 Things You Should Know about Trade in the United Kingdom

If you want to stay up-to-date on the state of trade in the United Kingdom, here are six things to stay informed on: 1. Global Shipment Value The United Kingdom shipped US$459.4 billion worth of goods around the globe in 2021. According to the average exchange rate for 2021, the British pound has increased against […]

The Top Six Major Goods Imported to Africa

Africa is a continent filled with major opportunities and potential for business and trade, and according to Africa’s import and export statistics, here are the major products you can import to the African market. 1. Automobiles Due to the high level of economic growth and urbanisation, which has led to a rise in income levels, […]

Trading in Cameroon: What You Need To Know

If you’re considering trading in Cameroon, it’s important to get equipped with the most up-to-date trade information. With numbers fluctuating by the year, it can be hard to keep track of the current state of trade, but Cameroon, Africa has proven to be a stable partner, increasing its per capita GDP in 2021, even after […]

4 ways AZA Finance helps you pay for your imports with ease

Whether you are a seasoned importer or a first-timer who is just starting off their imports business, having a reliable cross-border payments partner is key to the success of your business. Due to the complicated nature of international trade, what may seem like a simple payment can end up costing you the entire day (or […]

5 Things to Consider Before Setting Up your Import Business

With the rise of digital technology and better shipping routes, global trading has become one of the most profitable industries globally. In 2018, Africa alone imported $273,346 million worth of goods and its exports were valued at $281,847 million. As a result, many young entrepreneurs are drawn to this line of business, particularly in frontier […]

10 West African Importation Trends To Watch For in 2021

The world of trade in West Africa and the entire continent as a whole has been through different transformations from the days of colonization to date when countries are thriving on their own merit with different policies, cultures and changing population preferences. As a progressive business, you are likely aware of all these, but are […]