How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway Partner for Your Business

Today the number of customers who are fond of online shopping is so overwhelming that it’s hard to imagine operating in the retail industry without having an online presence. The opportunity to reach a wider range of customers is just one of various advantages of running an online shop that no one needs to be […]

The Future of Intra-African Remittances

Intra-Africa remittances were predicted to surge this year as a result of the upcoming AfCFTA agreement and increased movement of labor within the continent. Coupled with loss of employment as a result of COVID-19, we expect increased migration in the region, which in turn will increase intra-Africa remittances. Here are 5 things that need to […]

Which Industries Can Benefit Most from Entering Emerging Markets in Africa?

When browsing through economic portals or statements of various entrepreneurs, you will probably notice that companies operating in the industrial, ecological, or food sectors have the greatest potential for development on the African markets. However, it is only a sweeping generalization that does not present a proper picture of the possibilities given to companies by […]

4 Advantages of Doing Business on Several Continents Simultaneously

All entrepreneurs aim at expanding their businesses and making them profitable and potent. But what should you do when you reach a point where it is impossible to develop any further? Should you take other markets into account? Are neighbouring countries enough or should you consider more distant parts of the world? To begin, let’s […]