Mobile Money Payments In Africa

Mobile money payments have transformed how people transact in Africa, especially in rural areas with limited access to traditional banking services. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the concept of mobile money payments, the top mobile money services available in the region, how it drives financial inclusion in Africa, and how businesses can benefit […]

Everything You Need to Know About Payment Methods In Nigeria

For a reason, Nigeria is the largest hub in Africa; It’s the home of its biggest economy, population, and city, Lagos. With a young and growing population, Nigeria has the potential to become a global tech hub. According to McKinsey, Nigeria is home to over 200 standalone fintech companies, plus several fintech solutions offered by […]

Mobile Money Services In West Africa

In most sub-Saharan African nations, mobile money has been adopted by individuals as their go-to financial avenue. Mobile money is mainly used by individuals, but increasingly by businesses as well, as a deposit holder for transactional purposes. In this blog, we’ll present the evolving landscape of mobile money services in the West African Economic and […]

Mobile Money In Ghana

It’s absolutely not surprising that mobile payments have gained popularity in Ghana as it is a mobile-first market that boasts of more mobile phones than people, and according to KPMG, an estimated 37 million mobile phone subscribers serve its population of 31 million. These mobile devices are powered by different telecommunications network provider that allows […]