Your Monthly Product Roundup [August 2021]

Market expansions, improved user experience and stronger infrastructure – August was filled with lots of wins for our customers and for us! 

Here’s a roundup of all the exciting new features and updates that were rolled out, and a sneak peek of what’s coming up next!

API Platform

Adding a new country to our business payments network ???????? 

We expanded our B2B payment rails by adding a new market, South Africa. You can now pay businesses in EUR, GBP and GHS with ease at the most competitive rates via our API. 

Check out our ZAR:Bank API documentation

Now offering even stronger mobile money payouts in Ghana ????????
Mobile Money in Ghana
Ghana mobile money performance re-built

Have you noticed any improvements in our Ghana Mobile Money corridor? We recently strengthened our infrastructure, building an intelligent system to improve settlement times and error rates. If you are yet to integrate, now is the time! 

Check out our GHS:Mobile API documentation

In case you missed it…

In H1, we focused on expanding our coverage in the UEMOA region – West African Francophone Countries –  with new market launches and channel expansion and we are excited to share our latest update with you. 

Offering deeper coverage in the UEMOA region

If you need to make payments in Senegal, Ivory Coast and Mali, we have got you covered through the following channels:

  • ???????? Senegal: Bank deposits, Mobile Money (Orange & Free Money – Formerly Tigo) and Cash (Wizall)
  • ???????? Ivory Coast: Mobile Money (MTN, Orange & Moov) and Cash (Wizall).
  • ???????? Mali: Cash (Wizall)

If you are interested in any of these corridors, contact our experts to learn more.

Web Platform

Introducing a faster and easier way to make payments: document automation ????

In order to create a better user experience for our customers, we have gone a step further to automate the regulatory documentary source of funds form.

Document automation on our web platform
Our source of funds form is now automated on the platform

What does this mean?
You can now complete the form directly on our platform without going through the hassle of printing, filling out, scanning and reuploading the document.

That’s not all! 

We are currently working on more innovations specifically to streamline our user experience and onboarding journey as well as more innovations in the UEMOA region, and we can not wait to share this with you. Watch out for our next update for more details!

Put together by:
Arnau Giro, Head of Product- API, Nairobi
Akitobi Akitunde, Head of Product- Web, Lagos

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